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Equipment ready for today and future tactical diving missions.

JFD: The Special Operations Specialists

Due to the complexity of today’s Tactical Diving missions, the need for increasingly sophisticated equipment is essential. Tactical diving operations are required to continually evolve in response to advancing land, sea and airborne sensor and weapons technology and systems. Getting close to the littoral zone within realistically achievable swimming distances of an objective discretely and covertly is becoming increasingly challenging.

JFD offers a range of Tactical Diving Vehicles (TDVs), Underwater Life Support Systems and ancillary equipment which uses both advanced and proven technology to support a range of operational profiles to enable a SOF team to effectively and efficiently carry our their mission.

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Our Experience
sets us apart.

JFD's history and pedigree in this area is unrivalled having pioneered the development of a new generation of Tactical Diving Life Support Systems under the World leading Divex brand. Our products support Special Operations Forces (SOF) globally, enabling complex maritime missions to be undertaken safely and effectively.


To facilitate SOF maritime projection JFD offers a range of advanced and operationally flexible Tactical Diving Vehicles (TDV) developed with assistance from former maritime SOF personnel.

Comprehensive training programs are delivered by JFD personnel with extensive Special Operations experience. These include Basic Operator, Advanced Operator, Instructor, Supervisor and Technician courses.

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advanced and proven technology
Advanced & proven Technology
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Innovation: The heart of what we do

When facing peer adversaries, the viability of inserting a Tactical Diving (TD) team by small inflatable craft to within realistically achievable swimming distances of an objective is rapidly declining as a consequence of sophisticated Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) systems that reach deep into the littoral zone increasing coastal defences. Crossing the increasingly expanding ‘water gap’ discretely and covertly is therefore presenting a number of challenges to maritime SOF.


JFD has a long and proven track record of working directly with operational SOF teams to produce innovative life support and underwater maritime mobility solutions that facilitate extended mission profiles in a range of environments globally.

Deep breath...

JFD continues to set new benchmarks in underwater Life Support technology and diver safety standards

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