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Surface Supplied
Gas System (SSGS)


Designed for use with the Stealth range of mixed gas rebreathers, the XBS is used in a similar manner as a 'lazy shot' to provide a diver station during decompression.

The XBS incorporates a quick connect adaptor integrated for use with the Divex Dual Mode Mask (DMM) or the Dual Mode Bite Mouthpiece Assembly (DM BMA). With an additional second stage demand valve, the XBS also allows for use with a standard rebreather Bite Mouthpiece Assembly (BMA) configuration.


The XBS employs composite 300 bar cylinders and is rated NATO STANAG 2897 Class B for MCM-EOD operations. A gas change over valve is located on the face of the XBS allowing the diver to plug in and change gas supplies, which for example could be helix and / or oxygen for emergency open circuit decompression in the unlikely event of a rebreather failure.


Highlights of the JFD XBS Life Support System which

showcase the unit's versatility and capability:


2x 9 litre, 300 bar cylinders

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Designed with Safety in mind


Quick connection adapter


platform details:

Oxygen Cylinder:

Diluent Cylinder:

LP Switch over block:

9.0 litres, 300 bar working pressure

9.0 litres, 300 bar working pressure

To alternate between breathing gases

Second stage demand valve:

Quick connection hose:

Low magnetic:


For emergency breathing

For connection to Stealth

Dual Mode Mask (DMM)


14kgs (approximately)

System Features

The XBS is housed in a lightweight moulded plastic case containing two 9 litre 300 bar composite cylinders. Each cylinder has an independent shut off valve, contents gauge, first stage reducer and safety relief valve.

Both first stage reducers supply medium pressure gas to a switch over block enabling the diver to switch between "bottom" mix (air, heliox or trimix) or 100% oxygen to reduce "in-water" decompression. The switch over block contains a quick connection hose for attachment to the Stealth (DMM), plus an emergency breathing second stage demand valve.

XBS External Breathing System

The ultra-lightweight External Breathing System (XBS) provides an alternative source of breathing gas in the event of an emergency situation.
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