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Life Support Systems (LSS)


JFD designs and manufactures a range of innovative and uniquely capable underwater Life Support Systems that offer the highest levels of safety and operational performance.

Special Operations

Special forces operator diver weathing the enforcer rebreather

Designed to meet the operational requirements of high-tempo, short duration tactical diving operations typically associated with maritime interdiction and law enforcement missions. Its unique design offers unparalleled performance and mission flexibility whilst minimising size and weight.

The Back Mount kit enables the standard front mount Shadow to be back worn providing ready access to mission equipment and is suitable for a range of mission profiles

Designed to support extended duration diving operations, Shadow offers unparalleled levels of operational performance. In service with SOF worldwide Shadow is widely acknowledged as the world leading Tactical Diving Life Support System.

Shadow Excursion includes a nitrox kit which facilitates greater depth capability for a range of mission profiles

Mine Counter Measures (MCM)

Combat diver walking out of the sea weathing stealth rebreather equipment

Stealth is in service globally with Mine Countermeasures (MCM) diving organisations. Stealth is an electronically controlled mixed gas LLS primarily designed for MCM diving and extended duration TDV operations.

Diver wearing the Stealth SC rebreather kit

Stealth SC is a semi-closed mixed gas LSS designed to provide a cost effective MCM diving capability. Simplicity of use and ease of maintenance are key characteristics. 

The external breathing system for divers known as the XBS

The ultra-lightweight External Breathing System (XBS) provides an alternative source of breathing gas in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

Diver wearing the Stealth SC rebreather kit

JFD Life Support Systems sold globally

Carrier seal docked at jetty waterside
Special forces operator wearing rebreather, fins and mask
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