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Stealth SC


Stealth SC (Semi-Closed) is a mechanical underwater Life Support System (LSS) designed for Mine Counter Measure / Explosive Ordnance Disposal (MCM / EOD) operations to 54 metres using nitrox breathing gases or to 60m using a helix or trimix breathing gas.



Stealth SC is a back-worn LSS, with gas provided by a twin, two litre cylinder assembly via an adjustable constant mass flow metering valve. A demand valve automatically provides gas into the counter lungs during decent, which may also be used as a manual gas bypass valve.



Stealth may be supplied with an integrated open circuit emergency breathing Secondary Breathing System (SBS), which may be augmented by a separate eXternal Breathing System (XBS).


Highlights of the JFD Stealth SC Life Support System which

showcase the unit's versatility and capability:


60msw with  Trimix / Heliox



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Low acoustic





SCWithOutBailOut Spin.gif


Weight and Dimensions of the Stealth SC





Scrubber Capacity:
Working Pressure:






300 bar

Configuration Options:​​

Stealth SC is a modular, underwater life support system that can be tailored to suit mission requirements by using a combination of the following accessories:

  • Buoyancy compensation device with integral weight pockets

  • Bite mouthpiece and half mask

  • Open circuit bailout options for both bite mouthpiece and dual mode mask

  • Optional separate low magnetic external breathing system (XBS)

  • Full face dual mode mask, permitting breathing from closed and open circuit gas supplies such as XBS or special operations manned wet submersible built-in breathing system (BIBS)

  • Dual mode bite mouthpiece








* basic unit - dependent upon customer configuration

** Molecular Products Sofnolime® 797 grade 812 mesh


  • 60m using trimix or heliox gases

  • 54m using standard NATO nitrox gases

  • Brief excursions to a maximum depth of 6 msw on 100% O2 with short duration excursions to 15 msw (dependent upon local oxygen exposure regulations)

  • Breathing performance to UK HSE / EN standards

  • Operating temperature -20ºC to +49ºC

  • Sea temperature operation -1ºC to 37ºC

  • Freshwater temperature operation 1ºC to 37ºC

  • Non magnetic to NATO STANAG 2897 A / AEODP-7

  • Low acoustic

  • Integrated oxygen partial pressure (PO2) monitor and decompression computer

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System Features

  • Fully closed-circuit mixed gas electronically controlled constant oxygen partial pressure

  • Front mounted counterlungs for minimal breathing resistance

  • Downloadable dive log providing a detailed record of the dive

  • Rechargeable main and reserve battery - long life

  • Sealed electronics unit

  • Water tolerant breathing circuit and water dump systems

  • Oxygen sensors and circuits protected from moisture and water entry

  • Composite 300 bar cylinders

  • Backlit LCD hand display showing essential dive data

  • High pressure DIN fittings

  • Three independent oxygen sensors

  • Automatic "bad sensor" removal and advanced oxygen sensor voting logic

  • Various bailout options available


Non-magnetic and low acoustic design

The requirement to meet NATO AEODP-7 Class A (STANAG 2897) without compromise is an operational necessity. Stealth CDLSE fully meets the requirements of AEODP-7 Class A (STANAG 2897) under both static and dynamic test conditions in all attitudes and for all components that may come into contact with magnetically sensitive ordnance.

Sea mines continue to increase in sophistication; in response Stealth CDLSE surpasses the low acoustic test requirements of NATO STANAG AMP15. Stealth CDLSE functions by analysing the breathing gas and through the automatic addition of 100% Oxygen, the Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) is accurately maintained at a pre-set level dependent upon the depth.

Using three independent oxygen sensors, Stealth SC's control system rapidly and accurately responds to changes in life support system status.


A Diluent gas (Air, Heliox or Trimix) provides gas volume within the closed-circuit primary breathing system, whilst Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from exhaled gas is absorbed by the scrubber unit.

Stealth SC LSS

The ideal, cost effective apparatus for a range of specialist diving operations where simplicity, ease of use and durability
are a necessity.
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