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Tactical Diving with JFD: Leading the Way in Special Operations Equipment and Support

Welcome to the JFD Spec-Ops blog.


As experts in the littoral battlespace, JFD has been providing reliable and trusted equipment for commercial and defense divers for over 40 years. Our range of products includes Tactical Diving Vehicles (TDVs), Underwater Life Support Systems, and ancillary equipment, all designed to support a range of operational profiles and enable special operations forces to carry out their missions effectively and efficiently.

Our team at JFD consists of experts in the field, including former Special Forces members with practical combat diving experience. This allows us to understand the needs of our customers and develop tailored solutions to meet their exact requirements.

In this blog, we will be showcasing our Special Operations platforms and capabilities, including the Shadow Seal, Carrier Seal, Enforcer, Shadow, and Stealth. Each of these platforms is designed to meet the specific needs of different mission sets, from covert insertion and extraction to maritime law enforcement and special operations.

We will also be sharing updates on our company and the latest developments in the field of tactical diving. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of subsea capability and support special operations forces around the globe.


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