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About JFD Spec-Ops

JFD is the world's leading provider of a range of specialist maritime systems. Engineering expertise from the broad range of JFD's capabilities, uniquely enhance JFD's Special Operations technical and engineering capabilities.

Our understanding of maritime defence environments is unparalleled and JFD continues to develop innovative products that define Special Operations subsea capability.

JFD serves four main capability areas:


This unique capability enables us to benefit from cross sector intelligence and innovate based on sound knowledge and proven capability. 

This includes and life support equipment for commercial and defence divers providing proven, trusted and reliable equipment to customers for over 40 years.

  • Special Operations
  • Submarine Rescue 
  • Submarine Platforms
  • Commercial Diving

Since the 1980's, JFD has been manufacturing world leading life support systems for MCM and Special Operations divers.  

Seal Carrier top view with divers

Welcome JFD's Spec-Ops:
Showcasing our Special Operations platforms and capability. 

Our Story

Who we are

Where we've come from

Running throughout JFD's DNA is a range of specialist maritime engineering companies, each sharing a common mission to deliver safe, efficient and effective underwater capability. We design and manufacture mission critical subsea systems that are relied upon by government and civilian diving organisations globally.

Through mergers and acquisitions, JFD has a long subsea engineering pedigree that includes Submarine Rescue, Saturation Diving, Underwater Vehicles, Life Support and Hyperbaric Systems. 

JFD legacy company, Divex, first developed the Stealth and Shadow range of rebreathers which remain trusted Life Support Systems (LSS) through continued evolution in response to emerging mission requirements. 

The acquisition by JFD of DCE and Ortega brought advanced Tactical Diving Vehicles (TDV) into JFD's Spec-Ops portfolio.

Where we're going

To enable maritime SOF to address the challenges associated with crossing an expanding littoral water gap, JFD is harmonising its Tactical Diving Life Support Systems (TD LSS) and TDV's to provide maritime SOF with unparalleled future underwater manoeuvre capability.

JFD company timeline

JFD's Timeline

The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The JFD Spec Ops team is comprised of experts in maritime Special Operations. Extensive experience enables the JFD Spec-Ops team to understand current and future operational requirements and interface with Spec-Ops organisations at all levels. 

Our team is driven and passionate about the innovative platforms that we develop for Special Operations Forces (SOF) around the globe.


JFD's flexibility enables us to work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions to suit exacting requirements. 

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