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Carrier Seal High Speed on surface with mounted gun

Carrier Seal


An 8-man swimmer delivery vehicle, Carrier Seal is designed for the covert insertion and extraction of combat diver units. 


Carrier Seal operates in three modes; surface, semi-submerged and submerged. Launched from a surface ship, Carrier Seal vehicles transit at speeds of up to 30kts on the surface before switching to submerged mode for a covert final approach.

"Speed Is the essence of War. Exploit the enemy’s unpreparedness; Attack him unawares; Take an unexpected route."

Surface Speed

In surface mode, Carrier Seal is propelled by a water-cooled, 345 horse power diesel engine coupled with a Kongsberg water jet. Together they allow for perfect manoeuvrability. 

Semi-Submerged Speed

In this mode, the diesel engine and water-jet remain the propulsion system of choice and can propel the craft at sprint speeds of up to five knots. The vehicle’s typical cruise speed in this mode is four knots.

Submerged Speed

In submerged mode these batteries deliver power to two electric thrusters. This propulsion system affords Carrier Seal a submerged range of 30 nautical miles at a speed of up to five knots.

Seal Carrier top view in green water


Carrier Seal is an 8-man swimmer delivery vehicle designed for the covert insertion and extraction of combat diver units.


Example applications for Carrier Seal include:

  • Delivery of 6-man combat team

  • Host platform for autonomous underwater vehicles

  • Remotely operated weapons platform

  • Harbour patrol vessel

  • Rapid-response anti-piracy craft

  • Mine countermeasure operations

  • A built in breathing system adds extra safety for the divers and enables an extended underwater range

  • Several quick mounts for a variety of weapon systems transforms the craft in to a combat craft


On board sensors and navigation systems work together to provide safe transit and accurate positioning day and night, above or below the surface of the water, regardless of vehicle speed or environmental conditions.


In addition to divers and their personal equipment, Carrier Seal accommodate additional mission equipment such as sensor and radio equipment, ammunition and explosives, survival equipment and supplies. For operations requiring extended range, the craft can carry additional fuel stored in a separate fuel tank or additional battery packs.

graph topography graphic in white
Carrier Seal with Special Forces operators on water surface

Optimum performance, whether travelling at speed on the surface or quietly whilst fully submerged.

Technical Data

Combat defence divers and operators inside the submerged carrier seal

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