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Agile (Tactical)


Today's Navies are having to reshape and re-role very quickly to keep up with the ever-changing threats and technology in the underwater battlespace.

JFD Deep Search & Rescue Vehicles (DSRV) can operate up to 650msw bridging the operational gap needed to protect our critical undersea infrastructure such as gas pipelines, internet cables and other vital energy and comms equipment.


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Protecting our Critical Infrastructure in the harshest environments

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Agile logo 2.png

Surveillance and Inspection

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Agile offers new  Capabilities

Agile ventures deeper than others dare. Offering a completely new suite of capabilities including:

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  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)

  • Pre-amphibious landing hydrographic survey 

  • Critical asset or infrastructure neutralisation 

  • Sea-bed sensor deployment 

  • Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) 

  • Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) 

  • Counter narcotic operations 

  • Agent infiltration and exfiltration 

  • Tactical deception 

Agile logo 2.png

Learn more about how the Agile system could completely transform Special Operations. 

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