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Shadow Seal clandestine hanger background, mission planning, special forces

Shadow Seal


Shadow Seal render inside hanger

Shadow Seal is a unique four man Tactical Diving Vehicle (TDV) design that enables the discrete and covert transportation of four operators and equipment on the surface, semi-submerged or fully submerged. 

Shadow Seal has been designed to be lightweight and portable, ideal for rapid insertion into the littoral operational environment by a variety of support platforms.

in the Shadows

Inspired by WW2 Commando Tactics
'Sleeping Beauty'

‘Sleeping Beauty’ was a motorised submersible canoe developed by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II. 

The single man craft was designed to perform clandestine surface and sub-surface reconnaissance or covert attacks and was operationally deployed on a number of occasions. 

Following the war there was minimal requirement to further develop these vehicles and they became stories of legend. 

However, JFD understands the modern undersea battlespace and recognises the underwater manoeuvre capability a vehicle such as the Sleeping Beauty offers maritime Special Operations Forces (SOF). And so, the Shadow Seal was born. 

Using advanced design methods and cutting edge materials, Shadow Seal combines the original Sleeping Beauty concept with modern navigation propulsion and sensor technology to create a unique Tactical Diving Vehicle (TDV) suitable of undertaking a range of complex mission profiles. 

Sleeping Beauty Canoe WW2 in old photograph
Graphic showing the streamlined energy efficient shape of the JFD Shadow Seal

Streamlined, Powerful, Adaptable.



12hr mission profile concept of operations for the shadow seal

The JFD Shadow delivers the operators to the objective undetected, infiltrating hostile environment using the flexibility and power of the platform, allowing the operators to focus on, and execute their mission objectives before disappearing back into the shadows. 

Shadow Capabilities

Shadow Seal can adapt to a variety of mission profiles:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)

  • Pre-amphibious landing hydrographic survey 

  • Over The Beach (OTB) operations 

  • Critical asset or infrastructure neutralisation 

  • Sea-bed sensor deployment 

  • Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) 

  • Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) 

  • Counter narcotic operations 

  • Agent infiltration and exfiltration 

  • Tactical deception 

White graph topography graphic
diving tactical vehicle fully submerged

The Shadow navigates through challenging waters easily with high performance propulsion, its streamlined shape and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Possible insertion methods for the shadow seal
Insertion Methods
shadow seal drawings.png

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Top view of Carrier seal and shadow seal ready for transport on trailers
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