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Back Mount (BM)

Shadow Back Mount (BM) is the latest variant of the operationally proven JFD Shadow Tactical Diving (TD) Life Support System (LSS) used by maritime Special Operations Forces (SOF) globally. 

Developed under the JFD ‘Swim & Fight’ principle of tactical diver performance enhancement, besides optimising the design for TDV operations, Shadow BM readily facilitates the transition between subsurface operations and land warfare, enabling operational field equipment and weapons to be immediately accessed once at the water land interface. Extending maritime Special Operations capability by optimising Tactical Diving Life Support System ergonomics and duration.


To enable extended duration TDV operations requires a life support system that is capable of safely supporting such operations. Providing an un-parallel duration capability, Shadow BM has a CO2 absorbent canister that provides a four-hour duration at 40RMV or five-hour duration at 30RMV in cold water thus enabling long duration TDV operations.

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Highlights of the JFD Shadow Back Mount Life Support System which

showcase the unit's versatility and capability:


15msw with



24msw with


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low Work of Breathing.png

Low work of breathing

Clip On white.png

Clip on / Clip off


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The Shadow Back Mount enables greater functionality and operational performance for the combat tactical diver by providing ready access to equipment and load-outs and is suited to a range of mission profiles that include, but are not limited to:

  • Over the beach operations

  • Diver propulsion vehicles

  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicles

The Back mount offers the user greater flexibility and is easily reconfigured by the wearer in the field in a matter of minutes without the requirement of tools.


The Shadow Back Mount's ability to be worn as a stand-alone rebreather or interfaced with a ballistic protection vest increases the systems versatility, capability and operational performance further.

SHADOW BM Features

Principles of

 Shadow Back Mount is a pure oxygen rebreather with over the shoulder counter lungs and a back mounted CO2 absorbent canister. 

Oxygen is supplied from the pressure vessel (cylinder) to a demand valve that automatically adds oxygen to the re-circulation sub-system. One-way check valves in the breathing hose mouthpiece assembly ensures exhaled breathing gas is re-circulated through a long endurance scrubber canister that removes exhaled CO2 prior to re-inhalation. 


A readily accessible submersible pressure gauge enables continual monitoring of oxygen pressure vessel.

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  • Oxygen or combined oxygen / nitrox configurations

  • Maximum depth: 

  • 15msw (oxygen configuration)*

  • 24msw (nitrox configuration)*

  • 4 hour canister duration at a metabolic CO2 production rate of 1.6 l/min (40RMV) in 4°C water**

  • Optimised counter lung position to minimise hydrostatic imbalance

  • Reduced breathing gas flow restrictions to minimise resistive effort (low work of breathing)

  • Operationally proven worldwide from arctic to tropical climates

  • 300 bar pressure vessel (cylinder)

  • ​Automatic demand valve that serves
    as a manual bypass valve

  • Harness options:

  • Stand-alone rebreather for training / operations

  • Ballistic protection vest clip-on / off interface

  • User configurable to suit mission profiles

  • MOLLE webbing system to facilitate the interface of ancillary equipment

  • Reinforced double layer counter lung

  • Low magnetic and acoustic signatures

  • Low weight to performance ratio

* In accordance with local oxygen partial pressure depth / time exposure regulations.
** Canister duration in excess of 2hrs at lower breathing rates and / or in warm water.

Shadow Back Mount LSS

Designed to meet the full mission profile
of today's Special Operations diver.
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